Commentary: What if mindfulness and meditation make us more selfish? – CNA


But in reality, there’s good reason to doubt that mindfulness, as practised in the US, would automatically lead to good outcomes.

In fact, it may do the opposite.

That’s because it’s been taken out of its context. Mindfulness developed as a part of Buddhism, where it’s intimately tied up with Buddhist spiritual teachings and morality.

Mindfulness in the US, on the other hand, is often taught and practised in purely secular terms. It’s frequently offered simply as a tool for focusing attention and improving well-being, a conception of mindfulness some critics have referred to as “McMindfulness.”

Not onl…….

Ujjain: Career in psychology requires special soft skills-set, says Expert – Free Press Journal

Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh): The students who opt for psychology as a subject have to cultivate specific personality traits like language, emotional stability, maturity, patience, tolerance, acceptance of individual distinctiveness, behaviourial flexibility and compassion.

Career opportunities emerging out of this subject have diversified in the developing countries like India during recent years.

These were the words of rehabilitation psychologist and psychotherapist Maya Bohra, who was addressing a day-long national webinar on ‘Career Opportunities in Psychology’ organised by post-graduate department of psychology and IQAC of Government Girls’ Post-Graduate College under W…….

Could Bumble Become the Next Facebook? | The Motley Fool – The Motley Fool

Bumble (NASDAQ:BMBL) and Meta’s (NASDAQ:FB) Facebook might initially seem like very different companies. Bumble’s namesake product, which served 1.5 million paid users in its latest quarter is a female-oriented dating app that lets women make the first move. Facebook, the world’s largest social network, connects 2.9 billion monthly active users (MAUs) to their coworkers, friends, and family each month.

But if we take a closer look, some similarities start to appear. Bumble’s BFF feature for platonic friendships is gradually evolving into a social network. During last quarter’s conference call, it teased the expansion of BFF into a “metaverse” for new user-created communities — whi…….

Captivating an Audience Through Psychology with Richard Ellis of Ellis Films – Influencive

Richard Ellis of Ellis Films knows how to captivate an audience. But he also knows engaging an audience doesn’t guarantee results.

Utilizing his background in Psychology, Richard has combined his detailed and analytical approach with his creative skills to create cinematic content which entices the audience and convinces them to take action.

In the video production industry, creative skills are paramount for producing content which both captivates and delivers results.

Richard has amassed an arsenal of creative experience: twenty years in music, fourteen years of customer service, eight years in video production, supplemental education in film and audio engineer…….

Conference for U.S. Foster Youth Aging Out of Foster Care System a Success –

*The First Annual “Level Up Conference,” an inspirational virtual one-day event, took place Saturday, December 11 at 11:30 am ET (8:30 am PT). The conference was a collaboration between Earth Wind and Fire icon Philip Bailey’s Music Is Unity Foundation; The Felix Organization, co-founded by award-winning casting director Sheila Jaffe and Run DMC’s Darryl McDaniels;

…and The Purple Project founded by former foster youth LaTasha Watts. Together, their mission with the “Level Up Conference” is to inspire, educate and prepare foster youth aging out of the foster care system. All foster youth, present and former between the ages of 14-24 were invited to participate in th…….

Justin Long, 43, ‘is dating’ Kate Bosworth, 38 – Daily Mail

Kate Bosworth, 38, is ‘dating’ Justin Long, 43… four months after she announced her split from husband Michael Polish, 51

Justin Long has a new girlfriend he has been gushing about on a podcast.

And on Friday PageSix alleged that the new lady in his life is 38-year-old Blue Crush actress Kate Bosworth, whom he made a movie with earlier this year.

The blonde beauty announced …….

Cut loose! Why it’s time to throw off the shackles of athleisure – The Guardian

My fashion new year resolution is to cut myself some slack. To quit trying to be someone I’m not. So I am going to stop wearing things that make me feel bad about myself. As of today, it’s goodbye to clothes bought on their promise that they would transform me into a shinier, sleeker, optimised version of myself. It’s time to breathe a sigh of relief and get back to wearing what I feel comfortable in.

So I am breaking up with athleisure. I am throwing off the shackles of compression leggings. Burning the racer-back long-line sports bra with its modish charcoal-and-terracotta colour palette. Breaking free of the breathable mesh tanks with…….

Braeden Lichti: The Business of Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Biotechnology – Digital Journal

Dec. 31, 2021 / PRZen / VANCOUVER, British Columbia — 2020-07-30: Scientists now have a better understanding into the aging process, giving us a better explanation of the cellular changes that lead our body and brain to decline as we age. Many believe that inflammation, stress, diet, exercise, and genetics greatly contribute to our aging process.

New studies are pointing to promising treatments that could slow, stop, or even reverse the signs of aging. This isn’t just about turning back the clock in order to have a longer life span, it’s about extending our healthy years.

In one study, mice were given pills that mimicked the positive benefits of exercise. If it works in mice …….