Celebrities Are Apparently Taking Ozempic, a Drug Intended for Diabetes, to Help Them Lose Weight Rapidly—But Is … – EatingWell

Celebrities Are Apparently Taking Ozempic, a Drug Intended for Diabetes, to Help Them Lose Weight Rapidly—But Is That Safe? | EatingWellSkip to content

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Celebrities Are Apparently Taking Ozempic, a Drug Intended for Diabetes, to Help Them Lose Weight Rapidly—But Is That Safe?

this link is …….

Lose weight, stay healthy and make money: Americans reveal their 2023 New Year’s resolutions – Fox News

NASHVILLE – Americans in Nashville shared their 2023 New Year’s resolutions, which ranged from getting in shape to being a good parent. 

“It’s always the same,” one woman, Angie told Fox News. “Spend time with friends and family.” 

Another, Kenny, said: “Definitely to move out of my parents’ place.”



After a difficult few years due to COVID-19, the effects of pandemic lockdowns and record-high inflation, several people said their goals in 2023 were to lose weight, to stay healthy and to make more money. 

One man, Bill, said…….

Can ageing be cured? Scientists are giving it a try – National Geographic UK

Gorbunova doesn’t study humans, though we’re considered long-lived animals too. We outlive all other primates, and not only because they’re more likely to be eaten by lions. Within a generation, Gorbunova believes, we’ll have treatments that extend the human life span by a decade or two. To push beyond that would require fundamentally changing the human operating system, and that may not be as wild as it sounds. “I think it’s possible,” she says.

In 2006, Shinya Yamanaka, a stem cell researcher in Japan, figured out how to reprogram adult cells and return them to an embryonic-like state. The discovery revolutionised cell biology and the search for ways to treat human…….

Optogenetic rejuvenation of mitochondrial membrane potential extends C. elegans lifespan – Nature.com

Lopez-Otin, C. et al. The hallmarks of aging. Cell 153, 1194–1217 (2013).


Google Scholar 

Berry, B. J. & Kaeberlein, M. An energetics perspective on geroscience: mitochondrial protonmotive force and aging. Geroscience 43, 1591–1604 (2021).


Google Scholar 

Hughes, A. L. & Gottschling, D. E. An early age…….

4 winter skincare tips from a dermatologist – Insider

In winter, skin can break down and become an entry route for acne-causing bacteria, a dermatologist said.
Dr. Suchismita “Tia” Paul told Insider that she makes four changes in winter to keep her skin glowing.
Paul always uses a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen, but tailors her routine to her skin’s needs.

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Kim Kardashian confesses she prefers less makeup after focusing on skincare – Geo News

Kim Kardashian confesses she prefers less makeup after focusing on skincare

Kim Kardashian has confessed that she prefers less makeup after focusing on skincare.

The reality TV star, 42, told her new pal Gwyneth Paltrow, 50, during a GOOP podcast that she feels like she became an expert before launching SKKN by Kim.

‘I thought that I have learned so much in my journey and I have had the best facialists, the best aesthetician, tried every laser,’ said the ex-wife of Kanye West.

‘I’ve tried everything … and I wanted to bottle that up and take everything that I’ve learned and work with my favorite aesthetician… and develop products that are the next level.’


Buckeye man arrested for reportedly groping women during massage therapy – Arizona’s Family

GOODYEAR, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — A Buckeye man has been arrested by Goodyear police after reportedly groping two women while giving them massages as a licensed massage therapist.

Two victims reported to Goodyear police that they had been sexually assaulted by 43-year-old Christopher Esteen, an allegation Esteen at first denied during an interview with officers, according to court records. Instead, he told officers that one of the victims was always “flirting” with him and was “crazy.”

Records show, during the interview, police played a clip of recordings they made during a call between one …….

Man charged in sexual assault of woman at Waco massage parlor – KWTX

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – Norberto Tinoco, 40, is charged with sexual assault after a woman accused him of touching her inappropriately and sexually assaulting her during a massage.

The accuser told police she visited Massage Envy at 2812 W. Loop 340 in Waco on Oct. 2 to get a massage. She said she was completely naked during the massage and Tinoco allegedly used his fingers to sexually assault her.

The woman told detectives she “froze up” in the moment and “did not say anything for fear that Tinoco would escalate the sexual assault or physically harm her,” the complaint affidavit states.</p…….

If You Want a Natural Medicine Company, Start Tax Planning Now – JD Supra

Originally published in Bloomberg Tax on December 27, 2022. Copyright 2022 Bloomberg Industry Group, Inc. (800-372-1033) www.bloombergindustry.com. Reproduced with permission.

A recent bill passed by Colorado voters allows for the establishment of a regulated market for plant-derived psychoactive substances. Potential owners of natural medicine companies should understand how Section 280E of the tax code may affect their businesses, says Holland & Hart’s Jennifer Benda.

On Nov. 8, Colorado voters passed the Natural Medicine Act of 2022, which opens the door to establishing a regulated market for psilocybin and psilocyn in Colorado. The bill also creates regulated m…….

Some benefits, potential risks with alternative medicines for heart … – American Heart Association

Statement Highlights:

There are some benefits and potentially serious risks when people with heart failure use complementary and alternative treatments to manage symptoms.
People with heart failure should tell their health care team including pharmacists if they are using any over-the-counter or other treatments, such as herbal supplements or exercise programs, other than those prescribed by a health care professional.
Health care professionals should ask patients about alternative therapies during clinic visits, provide guidance on their risks and benefits, and identify if it’s possible to safely integrate them into the care plan.
Practices such as yoga and tai-chi a…….