Most expensive cars sold at Barrett-Jackson on Saturday – ABC15 Arizona in Phoenix

1989 FERRARI F40 — $2,750,000 — This 1989 Ferrari F40 is a one-off example finished in Nardo Gray. Its final available horsepower output is between 700hp and nearly 1,000hp based on the setup.Barrett-Jackson

1989 FERRARI F40 — $2,750,000 — This 1989 Ferrari F40 is a one-off example finished in Nardo Gray. Its final available horsepower output is between 700hp and nearly 1,000hp based on the setup.Barrett-Jackson


Electric vehicles more expensive to fuel than gas-powered cars at end of 2022: consulting firm – Yahoo Finance

For the first time in more than a year, owners of traditional gas-powered cars saved more money at the pump than those driving their electric counterparts, according to a consulting firm.

As inflated gas prices came down at the end of last years, the fuel cost for most Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles was comparatively cheaper in the final quarter of 2022 than charging an electric vehicle (EV), analysts with the Anderson Economic Group (AEG) said.

The cost to drive 100 miles in a gas-powered car dropped by more than $2 in October, November and December 2022. And with electricity prices rising last year, mid-priced ICE cars became more economical than EV cars for the …….

Samsung has big plans for sustainable living by reducing carbon footprint at home – Business Today

Announcing its net zero targets from direct and indirect emissions by 2050 in September last year, ‘Sustainable Living’ is the central theme for Korean technology giant Samsung at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Last Vegas this year. The company aims to become the most energy-efficient appliance brand globally to help consumers reduce their environmental impact with innovations such as SmartThings Energy, which can set new standards for household efficiency, a new wash cycle and filter to significantly reduce microplastic emissions from washers, and more.

“The technologies we’re unveiling at CES 2023 place sustainability at the core of the user experience,” said M…….

Against the Economic Grain: Addressing the Social Challenges of … – Resilience

Living and working, having lifestyles and livelihoods that are truly regenerative and sustainable look nothing like how most of us currently live and work.

When we are told we need to cut fossil fuel emissions in half by 2030 we not only need to completely reorganize our energy systems (deep decarbonization), we also need to completely reorganize our day-to-day lives. When thoughtful authors speak of the need for “the deep transformation” of our values and sense of connection to Earth, the need for transformative or “quantum” social change, what exactly are they getting at? What would that transformation look like on a day-to-day basis for the majority of us? And what is g…….

FION Avatar Handbag: Turn Movie Magic Into High Fashion –

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In December 2022, FION launched the year’s hottest IP “Avatar” series of products. According to James Cameron, director of Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide, animals and plants on Pandora are huge and glow in the dark because they have developed gigantism and luminescence due to air pollution. A gorgeous world of Avatar is woven with yarns of eight different colors. 3D aquatic plants on the front are created with time-honored Horsetail Embroidery skills. Horsetail Embroidery, a special craft that has been passed down for thousands of years by generations of Shui women in China. The process of making a horsetail embroidery work is very complex. It take…….

Is Your Food Really Organic? Does It Matter? – Verywell Health

Key Takeaways

New USDA regulations will allow for additional oversight and certification points in the supply chain for organic products.This update comes after several allegations against farmers who try to sell non-organic foods with the USDA organic label.Organic foods are not inherently healthier than conventional foods, so experts say to focus on eating enough of the fruits and vegetables that are affordable and accessible to you.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture updated its regulations last week to t…….

6 self-study tips for improving your Dutch in 2023 – –

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If improving your Dutch or passing your integration exams are personal goals for 2023, self-study course Inburgering Online can help you get on track.

Bart Nawijn, founder of Inburgering Online, a self-access course which prepares students for the Dutch integration exams, has just got back from his vacation in Mexico. ‘I have barely any Spanish and once again I experienced how exciting it is to learn a new language, getting to know the people and the culture better and becoming capable of expressing things as you learn more,’ he says.

Independent learning

As a Dutch teacher, it was also a gre…….

Largest-ever study of journal editors highlights ‘self-publication’ and … –

The study found that levels of self-publication — rates at which editors published their own research in journals they edit — were higher than expected.Credit: MShieldsPhotos/Alamy

The gender gap among senior journal editors is bigger than many people thought, and some editors publish a surprising number of their own papers in the journals that they edit, finds the first study to look at these issues over time across multiple disciplines.

“Although we expected women to be under-represented, we certainly didn’t expect the percentage of women on editorial boards to be as low as 14% for editors and 8% for editor…….

Opinion | How Will Chatbots Change Education? – The New York Times

If new A.I. technologies force educators to “up their game,” as one says, to encourage careful and specific analysis, their students will surely benefit.

This article suggests a need for an even more critical revolution in education to emphasize the deep thinking that A.I. cannot (and might never be able to) replicate.

Betty Luther HillmanPortsmouth, N.H.The writer teaches at Phillips Exeter Academy.

To the Editor:

If ChatGPT is so effective at creating college-level content, I wonder if professorial hand-wringing about stu…….

Republicans see education as winning issue in 2024 – The Hill

Prospective GOP candidates for president are leaning heavily into education amid concerns over issues like parental rights and the politicization of school curriculums.

Underscoring how critical an issue it is for Republicans, former President Trump unveiled his education platform on Thursday, calling for cutting federal funds to any education program that involves “critical race theory, gender ideology, or other inappropriate racial, sexual, or political content onto our children.”

The move comes after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R), both seen as top potential challengers to Trump for the Republican presidential nomination, ha…….